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Mini HauL

Hello my beauties! Weekend is here! Enjoy it well! I got only a day off today and plan to spend it alone with my husband before I am back to work tomorrow. 

So what have I ordered online recently? 

Of cuz Makeup Geek. All swatches of these shadows and more are in my previous post. Do check that if you would like to see that. I wanted to try out Makeup Geek’s new Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencil so I got them in 3 shades. 

Well … I was hunting high and low for the RCMA no colour powder which everyone was raving about and it was Always out of stock! Finally I managed to get my hands on it at Beautylish and look at the beautiful packaging! I kept the wrapper btw lol. 

I also always wanted to try Ardency Inn liner and her shadows so I got one of her shadows in rosegold and the swatch is beautiful! Yet to try thought but I have a feeling I will love it. I suck at my winged liner and never seem to perfect it. It is always beautiful on one eye and not beautiful on the other. The struggle is real people. So time to start trying to wing it … Inglot is one of the best as told by many so as always I needed to try it. 

Lastly, Morphe. 

I just had to… The palettes were just too beautiful to pass on. 

I wanted to try their new concealer so I got them as well. 


Damn I love the swatches!! This babies arw beautiful!!! Will do a blog on them one of the days. But I did not swatch the 350 matte but I saw the swatches, as this baby has another owner. Someone I love owns that and I cant go swatching that. I probably get her to swatch and take pictures to show you guys. But the shimmer is Beautiful!! 

I also bought 2 brushes to try as well. 

Lastly I bought a load of stickers and planner stuff as well which I am not exactly sure If you guys will be intrested but I am definitely happy with how my Kikk.K planner turned out! Loving it! 

Bright and Bold! Love it! 

That comes to the end of haul but not to the end of my shopping. I seriously have a problem but I think all makeup addicts have the same problem. No, I don’t need this amount of makeup. I don’t. I just want it! Haha. Have a wonderful weekend ahead! I am Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them? – Clara Schumann 

Yes why not? Stop and look at all the beauty around you. 😊

BellaPosh Spinning Diamond Brush Holder 

I love collecting Makeup Brushes! Ok I love everything and anything to do with makeup. Anyway… As I was saying, I love collecting brushes. Now I don’t know how everyone stores their brushes in all those beautiful holders with no covers and yet be perfect to use because when I did that, mine just got dusty pretty quickly. Honestly where I stay, it gets dusty very fast. In the end I stored all my brushes in a huge Elizabeth Arden Box which I got with some purchases previously. I was always on the hunt for something which can store my brushes and yet has a cover. I keep alot of my eyebrushes in my sigma brush holder and the most of it in the box. So when I finally saw BellaPosh Diamond Spinning Brush Holder, I fell in Love! Now there were not any videos on Youtube and not many on Ig. But based on what I could find, I knew I will Love it.. So I ordered it from their site BellaPosh Organizers , and they ship Internationally and they carry a variety of makeup organizers but I never bought these before. They are not very cheap but I see it as an investment and I don’t mind paying for it. When I got it, I was in Love! They wrapped it all too well and reached me very safely with No damages. However it did take me awhile to sit and clean the wraps marks off and make them all shiny again. But I did It. The power of water and newspaper. 

Yes I was organizing my beauty products. 😊

The Base
The diamond Top

After cleaning it, I put in some beautiful stones which I previously had when I tried storing my brushes in thise beautiful vases and another plastic kind of gem which I used for crafting. Of course there is a paper fold heart which my husband made for me previously. The Holder has a base which spins and a top lid which has a diamond top. It has 2 drawers at the bottom on each side which is wonderful to keep beauty blenders or sponges or more brushes. I store my beauty blender and some used eyebrushes. It is split into three slots. One huge one n two half the size of the huge one. 

1st slot: Big

The 2 other slots

Honestly, I love the holder, I love my setup and my brushes are finally dust free! 

On My Vanity

So there… The Beautiful spinning brush holder. 

I am Sarah and I love MakeUp! 

P.S. Fall Seven times, stand Up Eight.(Japanese Proverb). Sometimes we try and try and try and we fail. Sometimes people put us down, criticize us instead of encouraging us. Sometimes it is very tough. But dont give up. Keep trying. Cuz no matter how many times we fall, we will eventually rise. 


MakeUp Geek EyeShadows & SwatcheS! 

Helloooo Gorgeous! Looking Good! Hope you been having a good week and if you aren’t, hang in there babe. Weekends are just around the corner! 

If you have read my blog previously, you guys would have known by now I love Makeup Geek!! Makeup Geek was founded by Marlena and she did an awesome job with her eyeshadows. Worth the money, awesome quality for the price and they were my very first baby I ventured out of makeup sold in shops & ordered from overseas. They are my first love. They are so blendable, soft, buttery and you can never go wrong with her shadows… I purchased these shadows from . They ship Internationally and they cost USD $6 per pan. Want to see what I own? Keep reading. 😊

My MUG Collection
(left to right) 1st Row: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Shimma Shimma, Cinderella. 2nd Row: Chickadee, CocoaBear, Bitten, Bada Bing, Mermaid, Razzleberry. 3rd Row: Neptune, Ocean Breeze, Sensous, Last dance, Stealth, Graphite.

Yes I know they look beat up, these are the very first few I bought. The blush on the right is Rendezvous. 

My Fav crease colour Cocoa Bear, perfect transition shade for this Indian Skin & I love Bitten too in the crease or outer V. 

(Left to Right) 1st Row : In the spotlight, Magic Act, Grandstand, Mesmerized, Showtime, FlameThrower, Untamed. 2nd Row: Whimsical, StarryEyed, Charmed, Fantasy,Jester, Houdini, Fortune Teller. 3rd Row: Day Dreamer, Caitlin Rose, Masquerade, HighWire, Pegasus, CentreStage.

These… are her foiled shadows and they are oh so beautiful and extremely pigmented too! You’ll see. 

Proof Enough? Too beautiful and pigmented! 

These were purchased during my Feb & March HauL. 

I bought Cocoa Bear for a back up as soon my first will hit pan. 

Last shadow is Boo Berry, just realised I missed it sorry)

Secret Garden and Havoc are soo pretty tooo!

Anarchy & Venom another of the pretty shades that are too yummy! 

Bumped that the shadow Hot Pants was broken

So there… 

My MakeupGeek Collection and the swatches. There is of course one more. MannyMua palette in collaboration with MuG. But that will be in another blog. Like I said, these are very beautiful shadows, extremely pigmented and there is a huge variety of colours to choose from. Suits every and anyone. No I am not hyping it up, do go research and check it out. You wont regret it. 

Enjoy your weekend, smile and have fun! I am Sarah & I love makeup. 

P.S. I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful (Quote Garden)

#makeupgeek #makeup #eyeshadows

Feb & March HauL

Hello !! 

How are you all doing? Weekend is coming soon and I cannot wait for the weekend to meet people I love and spend the day laughing out loud. 

 When I am too tired and busy from work I tend to stay home and rest. It has been awhile… in fact months since I entered Sephora, when I am actually the kind of person who enters Sephora every 1-2 weeks.. Which leaves me to Shop Online in the comfort of my home… Oh the Damage I do… But well when I recieve them I feel so so happy and energized and excited!! Dont you feel that way about new makeup?? Long post warning as I bought too much but this post is loaded with pictures.

Well I have been eyeing Manny Mua Palette for far too long and pre ordered it along with some other stuff I wanted. When they came in the mail , it was a very very exciting moment for me and literally danced around in happiness. Haha. Im weird that way but Who cares! 


I got Mail!
From MakeupGeek

Above is what I ordered from MakeupGeek amd yes it is more than necessary but well that is what Makeup Junkies do. Isn’t it a pretty sight!! Box full of makeup… ❤️
Bought some brushes. I love their soft dome brush for the crease so I always buy one or two everytime I make purchases with MUG. I always wanted to give the chiseled cheek brush a try and contour. 

I wanted to try the new MUG contour pans too and got 2 shades of them. 


Swatches of the contour pans. 

When you are a makeup geek fan you just end up buying things you may not even need. But well when I bought this, I planned to use them to bring my eyeshadows when I am going to travel or if I need to get ready out of Home. 


Manny Mua Palette
The reason I went online in the very first place. For this palette! I Love Manny Mua and of course when you know someone you love is collaborating with one of your favorite makeup brands, I just cannot miss out on it! Thank God for preorder!  

It is a beautiful palette and I tried to get the picture the best I could.. 

Swatches above ☝🏽 and they are so soft and buttery and very pigmented. Already in love with it. 

Last items from MUG. Some shadows I needed and repurchase of cocoa bear as Im hitting pan on it soon. Favorite crease colour. 

Will not be swatching the shadows as I know one day I will do a post just on MakeupGeek Shadows and I will do the swatches then. 

Well… So what else did I shop Online? Hmmm lets start with brushes. 


BH Brush Kit

I bought 2 but One is for my cousin. So anyways… I have watched many having this polka dot brush and cases long long ago and I wanted them as they looked too damn cute! I love Pink and how can I not own one.. I never ordered anything frm BH so I just went online to take a look at their site and these kits were not expensive, they were very affordable and I wanted to try them since I saw a lot of good reviews too.. So I ordered. I must say it is tough to open the cases which annoys me but the brush feels so so soft. 
This set comes with 10 brushes. 

I am still trying out the brushes but they feel extremely soft. I have to continue experimenting with them to see if they are worth the buy. 

Another brush I bought…. Was out of curiosity and damn it is expensive. 


Artis Oval 7
I have not tried it yet as its too too beautiful… Its dense and soft to touch and I hope this does not disappoint me. The most expensive brush I own 😭. 

Well next….. 

Before I reveal the content, I have to mention how I hate the packaging it came in. Firstly I could not track it for almost 2 weeks and then the box looked like it went through a lot plus i feel the items were not wrapped securely enough till I had one lipstick broken and one which looks like will break if I put pressure. I was extremely disappointed with how it was packaged and the box was not sturdy and not taped down properly too. Luckily I love GCC products. I am just being silent. 

I bought them during one of the day they were having a very good deal so I paid lesser than usual. 


  I blurred the lipstick covers due to the reflection seen. Guess which one is broken? Too upset about the broken one though. 

  Swatches ☝🏽️. (Right to Left) Sangria, Vintage Rose, Dragon Berry and French toast, Cher & Nude.   
Comes with 2 shades and a wax. 


GCC Highlighter in Audrey
I Love the packaging! Especially the fact that there is a plastic lid covering the highlighter. 

It swatched beautifully. Im still trying this out too but I love the colour pay off and it looks awesome so far. 

And Lastly… 

My first Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. I heard so many yourtubers rave about them and finally bought them. I have tried it and I love it! It does not make your lips feel extremely dried out like others. 

This kind of damage just keeps me happy! 

I love watching hauls and I hope you enjoyed mine! Till my next post, My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. The only person who is ugly, is the one that calls another person Ugly and looks down on them. Be nice. Doesn’t cost anyone a thing ryte??  

Reveal ThaT Mask

Hello Sunshines!! 

Finally a New Post. It sucks to be working shifts and with the chaos at work I simply have no energy nor drive to do anything.. Enough with the rant and lets get going… 

Today, I am going to talk about some face masks… We all love makeup!! ( Seriously if you don’t, your on the wrong page babe ) As I was saying we all love makeup, but doesn’t it suck when you have those breakouts or small zits or exploding ones or just that texture of mini bumps which annoys the shit out of you?? I know I do. Some are blessed with beautiful porcelain skin while some are not.. So we definitely have to have a skin regime suited for our individual needs. If you do not have one, please do consider starting one, unless your one of those blessed with a perfect skin. 

The face is the first most important thing to care for when it comes to makeup. I have very sensitive skin and I breakout very easily especially if the product has alcohol in it. I have a combination skin, oily on my Tzone and little dry around the parameters of my face. My face is of uneven skin tone and I have good days where skin looks good and days where the zits decide to camp for a long while. So I have started a proper regime recently and we will see how that turns out but normally I use my Clarasonic with my face wash everyday. 

Clarasonic is honestly one of the best decision I made to add in to my daily routine. I have been using it for a good 2 years and if I religiously use it my skin is normally well behaved most of the days. Well I do have my lazy days but seriously with regular use its Awesome! 

Apart from your regime, these extra steps helps get our skin feeling better. One of them is Masks. I started using masks when I could not tolerate what was going on with my skin and since then I am sucked into the world of masks. 


Alright.. Like I said I became a sucker for masks.. Before you judge me, the Peter Thomas masks I bought as a set during Christmas so I definitely got a good deal with them. The GlamGlow though I bought them individually. So lets start with the Peter Thomas Masks. 

So this is how the set looks like. There are 5 different masks, all of 50mls/7 oz in a pack. I bought them during a Christmas sale so that I could try them to see if it is any good. I bought them at Sephora at a very good deal and well I thought I could at least try them before purchasing a full sized one (if I like any). Although these are smaller in size , there is a good amount of product and it can be used for months before they become empty. 

Lets start with this 2 masks. 

Cucumber Gel Mask

Cucumber Gel Mask – Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator

It is a very jelly like texture and has a faint smell of cucumber which is nice. 

Its said to be refreshing, cooling, moisturizing, calming gel, soothe, hydrate and detoxify dry irritated skin with botanical extracts. 

(Extracts of cucumber, papaya, chamomile,pineapple,sugar,maple, sugarcane, orange, lemon, bilberry& aloe).

-Apply generously on dry face n leave on for 10 minutes then wash off. Can apply cool. 

– use 2-3 times a week or daily

My verdict: It is cooling especially if you refigerate it and use it which is more cooling and it is a very nice feeling on the skin. It does calm irritated skin. I honestly do not feel it detoxify my face or moisturize it much but it definitely soothe my skin after I did something to irritate my skin which I will blog on it some day. Another story for another day. 


Rose Stem Cell Gel
Rose Stem Cell – Bio Repair Gel Mask 

The same jelly like texture as the cucumber gel mask, it has a scent of rose which some may like and some not. For me that  does not really disturb me. 

It is a Anti age repair using rose stem cells and rose extracts. Claims that after use you will have younger looking skin , reduce look of fine lines & wrinkles. 

-Regenerates, rejuvenates, hydrates, brightens, firms & tones. 

-Apply on dry skin n leave on for 10 mins and wash with cool water. Can Apply cool 

-Use 2-3 times a week or daily. 

My verdict: I do not feel that I look younger but it does give my face a fresk kind of feeling and look, it reduces the apperance of lines slightly but probably because it hydrates your skin which makes it plump thus reducing the appearance of lines. It does make your skin a bit brighter but I do not feel it firms, tones or regenerates anythings. To me, it is just a mask which is cooling (refrigerated), hydrating and makes you feel and look fresh. Thats it. Nothing really that Wowed me. 

Irish Moor Mud Mask

Irish Moor Mud – Purifying Black Mask

It is black, sticky and yucky feeling and not very easy to apply in my opinion. 

It claims to 

– purify and refine look of skin, 

– decongesting and hydrating mask

-draws out dirt, oil & impurities

-minimize look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, leave skin looking pure , fresh, hydrated and radiant. 

The 2 main ingredients are Hijiki seaweed which hydrates & Volcanic ash that revitalizes.
-Apply evenly on dry skin and use damp cloth to remove after 10mins and rinse thoroughly. 
– Use 2-3times a week. 

My Verdict: Honestly, applying a mask should not be so troublesome aka Lecheh(Singlish). Each time I apply its extremely difficult to get an even application as it is too gooey and sticky that it moves instead of staying put. Removing it is also another hassel. I cant tell if it draws out any dirt or oil cuz its all just black and sticky, how do I even justify it did or did not?? It does make my face feel clean like how you normally feel after washing your face, fresh, hydrated and bit brighter and thats all. 

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer 

It has an over powering scent of pumpkin, has tiny granules which helps with exfoliating.

It claims to be 3-in-1 Intensive skin resurfacer treatment:

1:Exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme

2:Peels with alpha hydroxy acid

3:Polishes with aluminium oxide

-for smoother, younger looking , radiant and revitalized skin
– highly effective exfoliating treatment fr dull, aging and congested complexion

-Apply thin layer to skin, gently massage in circular motions with wet finger tips and leave on 3-7 mins. 
-Use 1-2 times per week. 
My Verdict: My favorite mask in comparison with the 5 masks. This really exfoliates your skin but do not scrub too hard or your face is going to hurt. After this mask your face definitely feels extremely smooth, looks brighter and radiant, less dull ( I have dull skin btw) and just makes you look awesome! I truly enjoyed this mask the most but that pumpkin smell is something you just got to endure though lol. 

24K Gold Mask
24K Gold Mask – Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask

Its Gold duh, and has some flecks of shimmer. 

It claims to:

-lift & firms

-imparts an opulent glow

-reenergizes look of skin 

-caffeeine helps tighten the appearance of skin 

– lifts, firms, brightens, smoothe, refreshes
-Apply to clean skin, 5-10 mins and rinse thoroughly with warm water .

-Use 2-3 times a week. 
My Verdict: I do not see any lifting but it does make your skin feels firm, more tightened, it does make your skin look radiant and glowy but it does leave some gold flecks of shimmer on your face even after a good wash. Nothing re-enenergizing. It just makes you look like JLo all golden and radiant lol. 

So thats the end of my Peter Thomas Masks. In all this 5, its truly up to you what you want to get as it depends on what your skin needs. But that Pumpkin Mask is definitely something I love and would reach for again and again. 

Having said that, I like to touch on my Favourite Mask from GlamGlow. It was the very first mask I ever used and that got me sucked into the whole mask game. Promise, this post is ending very soon. 

 Alright the first mask I want to and must talk about is the one in the white jar, SuperMud. 
GlamGlow SuperMud : Clearing Treatment 

– Target, Prevent & heal problem skin 

– To fight common skin concerns including, breakouts, discolouration, black and white heads , razor bumps, in grown hair , 

– draws our dirt & congestion 

– brightens and softens skin 

-Apply a thin layer to skin and leave on for 10/15/20 mins. Also can be used as a spot treatment. 
-Use 2 or 3 times a week. 

My Verdict: I Love this mask! Usually I do 15mins of the mask. This mask sucks out all the oil from within and you literally can see the mask change colour especially at your oily areas. Your face looks and feels extremely clean, tight, brighter, skin feels baby soft!! Ingrown hair, I yet to notice if it does anything as I did not have that issue previously but now sadly I do a little and that is slowly clearing up with the help of the pumpkin exfoliator. You can also use this as a spot treatment too! Amazing stuff and I swear by this ! 

 The second one is the one in green jar. 

Glam Glow Power Mud- Dual Cleanse

It is a mud to oil deep cleansing treatment which removes buildup of dirt, oil and makeup.  Claims to have super clean skin. 

– Apply an even thin layer to clean dry skin, leave on for 5-10 minutes. Use water and rub in circular motion to transform into an oil treatment. 

-Use 1 or 2 times a week. 

My Verdict: It cleans your skin but not some amazing cleansing system and leaves you still hydrated because of the oil. Not really worth the money. 

I have also previously owned the GlamGlow YouthMud in the black jar but I have thrown it out as I did not love it and I still prefer my Supermud. The YouthMud I feel is overhyped, it just makes your skin look brighter and more radiant which I still can achieve with my Supermud. Probably those of you who are not oily or do not have problematic skin might enjoy the YouthMud better as the SuperMud may dry you out if your Dry to Normal skin. 

Have I mentioned I love the GlamGlow packaging. I bought this mask at the same time I bought the Peter Thomas Masks. I have not put it to the test but I am actually excited to see if this truly works. 

GlamGlow Flashmud : Brightening Treatment

– Create Brightest, lightest & luminous Skin
-Men & women

-Use 3 days in a row and 2-3 times a week

– Use High-SpF Sunscreen daily to maintain results 

-Apply to dry face in circular motions to pre exfoliate, Leave on for a minimum of 20mins

– Product will turn Semi Transparent as Ingredients absorb & Wash Off 

Nothing to comment as of now as I have yet to try it. If i love it, it will definitely pop up mentioned somewhere in a future blogpost. 

Damn I missed Blogging. Well thats the end of my post , until my next post.. My Name is Sarah & I Love Makeup! 

P.s. When Women support each other, Incredible things happen. Be Kind ladies!  

ColourPoP Shadows

Hello Gorgeous!! 

Been too long a time.. My sincere Apologies for not doing a post for quite awhile. Work has drained me of whatever energy and motivation I could have left. Have been on annual leave this past few days and went for a short trip nearby so I am all recharged to get going again. Since I have been on a ColourPoP roll, I figured lets just do the review on the shadows first. If you have read my blog previously you would know by now that I am a fan and love colourpop!! 

ColourPoP is a cruelty free brand from LA which provides affordable yet high quality products. Their shadows are the bomb! They are called Super Shock Shadows btw. The shadows cost USD$5, very affordable. You can order them online at and please note they do not ship worldwide. 

Their shadows are super creamy, extremely pigmented and soft. They blend put beautifully. They have a play dough-like texture when you touch them, its just different from your normal shadows and there is no other like them. They are best applied with your fingers or synthetic brushes. 

They come in small white container with a screw on lid. They are light and easy to carry around. 

Important Note: 

**They must be shut close tightly everytime after use or they will dry out.** 

-Never had this problem so far. Just remember to close them. 

Lets get to the Swatches shall we! 


My ColourPop Collection
Stored in my Muji Drawer
3, So Quiche, Central Perk
Envy & Bae
Shop, Animal, Erotic
Ibiza, Empire, Krinkle


Dare, Fantasy, Leopard, Lace
Taco, Too Shy, Coconut, Etiquette, Effect
Bubbly, Slave2Pink, Sugar, Snap Dragon, Stereo, Dance Party.

The Last one is a Quad that ColourPoP collabrated with a YouTube Beauty Guru CoffeeBreak with Dani. Its called the “Metamorphosis” by CoffeeBreak with Dani. 

Later on you will see the shades Hope & Kindness. They are the Transformer shadows. What this 2 shades does is that if you apply them overtop any eye shadow base / sticks or even cream shadows and they change the colour of it. They change according to the base of the colour. I kid you not, they are Beauuutiiifulll… 


Strength, Bravery, Kindness, Hope
Above is the Too Faced Bullet Proof Shadow stick which can be used as Base or shadow itself. Below I will attach a picture of the outcome after applying the transformer shadows. There are 2 different pictures as I was trying to get them at different lightings so you can see the outcome better. 

I love what these Transformer shades do. I love the colourpop eyeshadows. I have no complains about them except that they have a powerful stain power so when you remove them some of the shades do leave a stain so you do take a longer time than usual removing them. Other than that I have nothing but positive comments!

 Have you used them? Which shades do you loves?? 

Till my next review, have a Glamorous week ahead!! My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. There is No cosmetics for Beauty like Happiness – Maria Mitchell. ❤️

Finally its Online! 

Hey You Good Looking! How have you been? Hope all of you had a awesome weekend! I just got back from a very short getaway with the family and with No wifi. To relax and just to get away from all that stress from work. No one sending texts and no access to any social media. With the phone being silent with No disturbances and with only the noises of us talking and laughing. Got back late last night and finally got around to checking my emails after a massive laundry and cleaning session. I was extremely excited when I got this mail! 

Apart from shipping over my makeup from overseas, I buy my Makeup from Sephora stores in Singapore, Luxola & Shopping District. I always felt that Singapore should have Sephora online too so that I can shop in the comfort of my home but sadly they did not and FINALLY Luxola has officially become!! I cannot explain how happy I just got! 

  Although they do not carry every brand that Sephora US carries, they still do carry a good variety and some which are not available in Stores . Being a Black Card member, I could also use my discounts when I purchase items which are not available in stores. Its definitely a win win situation. The only downside would be they no longer ship to other countries and some do mention that they preferred Luxola because of the sales they have. Everything has it’s plus and minus. Dear Luxola, Thank You so much for becoming Sephora.SG now. You have no idea how excited and happy I am. 

I hated the customer service from the online Sephora US site as they never replied to emails and even when I made a call regarding a order I was making, the person on the other line was extremely rude. I do not intend to bash the customer service they had but seriously I am a person who will walk out the store or not purchase what I want to if I got bad customer service. So I just emptied my cart and did not purchase from them and bought what I wanted at Nordstroms and individually at other sites instead. I love Sephora but I truly cannot accept being talked to rudely especially when I am polite. 

I have been a customer of Luxola for a few years now & I love their customer service and prompt services and delivery so Yes I am happy! Hope they ship in more brands which will save makeup lovers the hassle of shipping. Sephora is my candyland. Going online has just made things much more easier for me! My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

Ps: A smile is an inexpensive way to change yor looks. – Charles Gordy 

Smile and battle through the busy week ahead! 

Getting Organized

Hello You! My apologies for this late post. 

Sooooooo… When your makeup collection grows and you need to maximise the space, it is high time to be more organized. I never really had a proper organized setting.. They were more set in a way which works for me but of course when I accumulate more makeup I need a more organized space. I totally forgot to take the before pictures as I cleared them out and started organizing them and by the time I realised… Too late. The mess cannot be undone. 

My dresser is from Ikea, yes yes like every other makeup lover, I too use the Alexis drawer. They are made up of 2 sets of Alexis 6 drawers with the table and a glass (customized order) on top. Fixed up by my Husband upon my request.. Boy do I love my dresser! 

So previously I used to have all my Face makeup which are my foundations liquid and powder, primers, setting powder, blushes etc in one drawer but they started getting very cluttered as I had more to add in to that drawer. Then I had one drawer for all my lipsticks and glosses but the organizer I previously bought from Ikea was not working for me as it is too Huge and taking up an entire drawer. The drawers were just a hot mess. So I had to start getting them more organized. I went many shops and gave up looking for them and decided to purchase them online. So I went on to Amazon and shopped for what seemed like could work for me. They finally came after some time and let me show you what I got. 

6 piece drawer organizer set

 I got one of this 6 piece set drawer organizer for my first drawer. They can be seperated and used and placed however you want but for now I use this exact set up to see if this works for me before deciding if I should reorganize. 

Acrylic Lipgloss holder
Fits 24 lipglosses

I got this and the other oganizers which I will show shortly from the brand ByAlegory. Ok honest opinion, I AM IN LOVE with these organizers!!! They are what I have been looking for. Acrylic organizer, sturdy, good quality ,compact enough and they come in colours! Officially love this brand and definitely going to order more in future. They hold my lipglosses like a dream and are seriously a good quality. When the minute I unboxed them, I was impressed!

Acrylic Lipstick Holder
Holds up to 24 Lipsticks
Again like I said earlier, good quality and sturdy and fits alot of different types of lipsticks. 


Acrylic compact organizer
Fits 8 compacts at a time
They fit most compacts except Mac round foundation compacts and those oversized compacts or blushes. I currently am using 1 and got an extra for backup as I know I am going to get good use out of them. Arn’t they just beautiful??!

Fyi I did get another set of organizer , but that I will review and post seperately as I yet to organize them . 


My Lippie drawer (they do not include my colourpop which are kept in my MuJi). As you can see they fit most lipsticks and glosses. 

In these, I keep my 2 compact foundations, blushes and 1 highlighter. 

My Urban Decay & Tarte powder foundations can’t fit in though so they are just stashed wherever there is space. 


They fit nicely in the Alexis drawer with a bit of space at the side.   


  These are a more organized mess. LoL. I keep my Liquid Foundations, Face and Eye Primers, liquid highlighters, small setting powders, concealers and some other stuff. 

So this is just part of what I reorganized. I also reorganized all my palettes and currently althought I am not used to the current layout as I have moved things around, it is more organized and I was able to fit in all my new makeup after making space. 

Before I end this post. Remember how I mentioned I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday… I bought some stuff but I only spent half of the amount and paid for the rest. I like to spend gift cards only on things I know which I really really want or love. 


Makeup Eraser

Finally Sephora Sg sells them and of course I got excited and bought one. Yet to try it out to find out if it really does works. Hope I do not get disappointed. 

Beauty Blender

This was one of the main things I had to replace as it is time. Love the clarasonic brush! 


Urband Decay Concealer

Yet to try this out but when I swatched it, looks like I might love it . 

  I own the mattifying primer and been wanting to try this smoothing primer. Lets see if I love this more than Benefit’s primer. 

 Lastly I wanted to try the Boscia Kojac sponge. 

Oh and one more thing I got from Amazon. Something I had been eyeing on for too long… 



Led lighted mirror
Been wanting this for the longest time. Finally I have it and Im very very excited to have bought this . 

Well we have come to an end of this post. Hope You enjoyed it. Till next time.. My name is Sarah & I love Makeup. 

P.S. No point trying to look beautiful if you have an Ugly heart. Be beautiful from within otherwise No amount of makeup can disguise that Ugly heart. Be nice. 


Bday HauL

Hello You! 

The post night syndrome is not over yet.. Exhausted much. So I decided to show you guys my Bday Haul.. Yes I bought stuff for my birthday and this is massive to me and please don’t judge me. I love makeup and end of the day it is my hard earned money which I spent to make myself happy. There will not be any swatches as I plan to try them and do my reviews as well. So here goes. Fyi this post is going to be more loaded with pictures 


My very First 2 Morphe Palettes!

First 2 Morphe Brushes

I have never owned Morphe products and these are my first. Have yet to try them out and get blown away. 


Lorac lippies
Have never owned Lorac Lippies as well and these are my first. 


Colourpop Mini Liquid Lipsticks
These babies were supposed to be included as part of gifts for some friends but sadly some delays in shipments so they now belong to me lol. 


More Colourpop Shadows
I love Colourpop and well I got to definitely grow my collection. These shadows are awesome stuff! 


Dose of Colours
Dose of colours formula and colours for Liquid Lipsticks are just wonderful. I love the colour payoff so.. How can I not get the Limited Edition. 


Urban Decay
I love Urban Decay products, but I never seem to have tried their lip products. So I decided to try them. 


Colourpop Lippiesticks & eye Liners
Seriously you dont’t think I would stop at just eyeshadows right lol. Its Pure addiction I tell you. Okok My addiction. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes
Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette
Obsessed with these palettes.. 


Mac Palette
Its been ages I bought Mac eyeshadows. Since they come in a palette and they are more worth the price than getting single shadows. 


Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette


Peter Thomas Broth Masks
I love Peter Thomas Skin care. These masks come in a smaller size and price worthy. A good way to try and test the products before purchasing full sizes. 

That comes to the end of my Haul. All purchased by myself for myself. Well I feel I deserve these as my reward for the tough year I had. Treat yourself once in awhile and it can be anything small or big just to make ourself happy. Till next time .. Stay Happy & Gorgeous!  I am Sarah & I Love Makeup 

P.S. Taking Joy in Living is a women’s Best cosmectic – Rosalind Russell

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