Hello You!

It has been 2 years since I posted anything. I cannot believe I left my site dead for a good long while. So time to make a come back and chat a little about the base of every foundation! Primer.

To prime or not to prime is truly a individual’s choice. I prime. I love to Prime and sometimes I use more than one. Priming helps for me personally. My makeup looks smoother and lasts Longer as well.

This Tatcha primer has been very very highly raved by many Youtube Beauty Gurus. I have always wanted to try Tatcha products. Their dewy skin mist was something I have been eyeing on for the longest time. After this primer was launched, many people had so many good things to say about it. So the minute it launched in Singapore, I had to have it!

Firstly, I must say… that I am super super stoked that Singapore is finally bringing in some awesome brands and honestly it’s about time!

On to the review.

The primer is priced at $72 SGD. I definitely like the way it came packaged. So Pretty and Classy. So Tatcha. But I do not know if it is something I would want to travel with given that the product does take up space.

I like the fact that it is packaged this way and it keeps the product sanitary and I know that no one has touched it or tampered with.

Like I said, it is all so pretty but I honestly find it bulky to be carrying on especially for travel and for a Primer.

The primer claims to be:

– MultiTasking: Protects skin and also make makeup last ALL day.

– It can be used on face, eyes and lips.

– Nourishes Skin.

– Aims to reduce shine for a matte finish.

– Allow make up to be applied evenly.

So I have used it a few times.

This comes with a circle disc-like scoop. You are supposed to use that to glide on the surface of the primer until you reach the “line”, which is at the back of the scoop. That is the “desired” amount to be used apparently. It is like a Balm like texture and has light colour to it.

The very first time I did that, I felt that I did not get enough product for my entire face. I then go on to dot it all over my face and rub it all over my face like always for any primer.

The very first thing I noticed was the Strong scent. I honestly found it strong and I did not like to use products that smelled as such.. The smell does goes off after awhile.

The next thing I realised is, my pores does not look smoother and in fact, I felt it looked more obvious. It definitely did not feel like it made me matte either.

I used my usual Foundation as well so I know how it lasts. As I put on foundation, my pores looked even more obvious… I already hated it… I did the rest of my makeup and went out. I had my makeup on for only about 2 hours and I already noticed that my foundation has seperated, it was looking patchy, it was coming off around my nose and smile lines. Basically It Looked Horrendous!!

I was extremely disappointed with the outcome.

I then decided to take out the instructions phamplet from the box . The instructions was to get the amount required with the scoop. Then to warm it up with your fingertips and massage into the skin in upwards motion.

Who reads instructions for primer?? I do not and when I did, I was like seriously?? 😳

The best part was, the directions on Sephora website was to dot on face and massage. Whereas the instructions in the phamplet was totally different.

Well ok… So I decided to follow instructions the next day.

I tend to work my primer in sections. Having said that, it is awfully troublesome to get some amount of that scoop, warm it up, press and then get a little more and warm n press. I felt like this was just taking up too much time. Well It did. I spend more time than usual or even necessary warming it up and pressing in.

The “balmy” primer becomes more “liquid-like” and is more colourless when warmed up. The strong scent becomes much bearable when pressing onto the face. The end result, it did make my pores look smaller, face smoother. But it did Not mattify my face. In my opinion it was more of a healthy skin kind of dewy primer.

Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? No.

Why? This primer was not terrible if used in the right way. However, I can achieve this same result and even (I feel) better, with my current routine with my current primer. It takes way much lesser time for me.

My makeup did last through the day. But I also got a little more oily on my T-Zone faster then usual compared to my Norm.

I tried it again on the third day. Same thing. I just do not feel the WoW factor everyone was raving about. I am Sorry But I don’t.

The 4th time I tried it again and that time I used powder foundation instead. I was going out for a short while and did not want to wear a full beat face. Powder Foundation, little contour, little blush, highlight and thats it. It looked nice and yet smooth.

My conclusion:

(Sorry If i Bore u to this point but i felt it was necessary to explain and give the details.)

No doubt it does make the skin look smoother and pores smaller, It did not impress me enough.

For the amount I paid, I should not be working for the product warming it and all. It should be working for me lol.

That scoop thing, I feel that it may not get enough or even too much product for everyones face as we all differ in face shape and sizes. Some may need less and some maybe more. When I used more product I noticed I got oily faster.

I still do not know how this product is aiming to be mattifying though. 🤔

I did not try it on my lips or eyes. Did not see the need to. If its Nourishing? Seriously I won’t know unless I use it everyday.

( I love Sephora so Iam not faulting them, but..) Sephora, should put the directions of use on par with instructions given with the product.

Al least people who buy the product, know the proper way it is meant to be used and people who do not want to waste time like me, would not have purchased it.

Is it a Must to buy? No.

Is it a Need? No.

Should you buy it?

Hey It is your money. It is truly up to you. LoL.

If you really want to try Tatcha Primer and do not mind the splurge. Then do try it. Because everyone is different. What I like may not be what you like and vice versa. So you may enjoy it more that I did.

This for me, not a 5/5 and well I bought it so I definitely will use it. Probably use it for days I am going to just wear little makeup and not going full face beat.

I know alot of other people love them…. But I just don’t love it as much. I really feel so bad saying this as I was so so excited to buy it and was anticipating an awesome outcome but ended up feeling Meh…

Oh well. Till my next review…

(Hopefully not 2years later lol)

P.S: No Beauty Shines Brighter than that of a good heart. ♥️

I am Sarah J & I still Love Makeup. Xoxo