Hello You! 

While we are still hot on that liquid lipstick topic.. This is another brand which I love too! 

Ofra has an amazing collection and wide range of liquid lipsticks. Ofra Cosmectics are made in South Florida and they do produce makeup and skincare. I knew about Ofra only when Kathleen collaborated with them and posted a video on her collaboration and that made me buy them. Then Manny collaborated with them and well I love my Favourite Youtubers and I definitely will support their collaborations. 

Although I don’t have a big collection of Ofra liquid lipsticks because what I want when I bought were out of stock . But it is enough for me to try them out and say that I love their formula alot! In fact this brand liquid lippies are like number one to me as they are extremely comfortable to wear. This will definitely grow slowly but surely. For now I got a ton loads of new liquid lipsticks staring at me squealing “Use Me!” And I really got to show them some love first. 

I have not tried their other makeup products or their highly raved about highlighter but from looking at reviews they also have some bomb highlighters. The liquid lipsticks retail for USD $19.90 and I ordered them directly from their site and shipped them to me. I cant remember how much I paid for shipping though. Oh the only down side to them is they takea little longer then other matte liquid lipsticks to dry down as they are very creamy but once they are dried totally they do not budge and they last a very very long time. Their wand also allows easy application and it is super pigmented. You definitely need to try them at some point. Oh and fyi they have changed their packaging which explains the different in sizes in 2 of the shades. 

Pictures and swatches coming up! 

So that comes to the end of my Post! The week is halfway through, hope your week is going great. Don’t forget to slap your lippie on and pout 💋. Enjoy your day You! 

I am Sarah & I love Makeup. 

P.S. Put on some Lipstick & Pull yourself together – Elizabeth Taylor.