This year is a year whereby many Youtubers collaborated with many makeup brands and created awesome products. Everytime a youtuber I love does a collaboration with another brand I always cannot wait to get my hands on them. And I feel that as a Youtuber and a makeup artist they know what consumers wants or will love and tend to produce quality products. 

Today’s post is on JH collaboration with Becca on her Champagne Collection Face Palette. Becca launched a whole line of products under the Champagne Collection but I only wanted the Face Palette. 

When Becca announced that Champagne Face Palette will be available in all Sephoras online, I did not see the need to order from overseas and decided to wait for it to launch in Singapore. Well it launched later then the date they announced but the minute it was sold online I ordered it and Boy was I jumping with joy. Firstly I am a big fan of her. Secondly I trust anything she creates will be just awesome so I could not wait to get my hands on it. When she first collaborated with Becca to create Champagne PoP, I loved it and back then Sephora Sg did not carry Becca products so I got it online. Now its easier as it is available in Sephora Sg. So when she announced a Face palette, obviously I was not going to miss out on it. 

Firstly a big A plus for the packaging. The packaging was so so beautiful, classy and feels solid unlike how sometimes some products when you pay so much but the packaging feels so cheap. It is white and gold. The interior is gold and has a a huge mirror which is of good quality. 

There are 2 highlighters which are Champagne Pop & Prosecco Pop, 2 Mineral Blushes which are Amretto and Pamplemousse and 1 Luminous Blush which is Rose Spritz. 

Lets get on to the swatches. 

They feel so so Buttery and smooth and they apply like a dream. I love to mix Champagne PoP and Prosecco PoP and the end result is so so beautiful. The highlight is definitely on fleek! Pamplemousse looks very bright in the palette but use a fluffy brush, be light handed and build it to how you like it. Rose spritz, I prefer as a blush topper and I have not played around with Amaretto yet. They last a long time on me and they are so pigmented. On a side note, I always prime my face and I always set my face with Urban Decay All Nighter as well. Honestly I do not have any complains except my only minus would be I already own Champagne PoP in a pressed form and now I have an additional in the face palette. Well it only means the extra one will travel with me 😋. 

This retails for SGD $80 in Sephora Sg and is currently out of stock online as I write this, but I do remember seeing them on Sephora shelves. Now, $80 is steep but technically you pay for 2 highlighters & 3 blushes. As it is one Becca Mineral Blush costs SGD 48, a Luminous Blush costs SGD $54 and a pressed Shimmering skin perfector (highlight) costs SGD $58. So it is still a good price point and honestly they will last you a long time. It is definitely up to individual preference and yes there are cheaper alternatives out there so it is truly an individual choice. If your skeptical, go to the store and try them out and maybe you will know if you really want it. As for me, I love it and Dang that highlight is just so Awesome! 

Till my next post , have a great week ahead and don’t forget to flash that highlight! 

My name is Sarah & I love Makeup. 

P.S. Beauty is about enhancing what You have. Let yourself SHINE through! – Janelle Monáe

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