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Before I start rambling off, If you hate Jeffree star don’t continue reading this as today’s post is on his liquid lipsticks. I do not want to have negative comments or haters here. This is a happy place for makeup lovers. I love makeup whatever the brand is. 

The madness of liquid lipsticks have not ended and in fact some brands have stepped up their game with all the different colours and better formula. I just bought a truck load of liquid lipsticks which I will post soon, there are just too many beautiful colours. So.. I always been wanting to get Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and see if it really as good as what reviews say, but it was always out of stock. So everytime he announced a restock or a launch of something I want, I sit and wait like a hawk to get my hands on them. So thats what I did and I am a happy owner. 

This is my small collection and bought in 4 seperate orders as one or another was never in stock. Will show you individual pics and swatches and then my review. 

Rich Blood
Rose Matter
Celebrity Skin
Prom Night


Right to Left: Rich Blood, Masochist, Prom Night, Androgyny, Celebrity Skin & Rose Matter

Now that you have seen all the picture and swatches lets get to the review portion. 

I bought these Velour Liquid Lipsticks from Jeffree Star’s site and they do ship Internationally and I had no issues with them so far.  They all came intact and on time. They cost USD $18 each. You can also get them from Beautylish and Morphe site.

I love the packaging especially when I love pink so Yes I love the packaging. I also love the wand, it makes application so easy and precise. 

(Sorry the above pictures of the wand are not the best, I realised I forgot to take the picture while I was writing this up. )

Ok the formula… The formula is by far one of the best. Usually liquid lipsticks can be  very drying and a handful of the brands have a very comfortable formula and Jeffree star’s is one of them. When I tried them the first time I fell in love and it felt so comfortable. Another thing I love is that you can layer on and it does not get all clumpy or ugly. Usually after having a good meal, it does wear off on the centre of the lips and when you want to reapply, it will not be as smooth an application but with these it actually goes on smoothly. I even took a swim with Androgyny on my lips and post swim it was very much intact! They last a long time on the lips and the colour pay off is good. 

So Far I am Loving them and I will continue purchasing them if there are colours I love.  Fyi these lippies are marketed as safe on the eyes too but no I am not going to put them on my eyes though lol. What is your favourite liquid lipstick? 

Have a good week ahead!

My name is Sarah & I love Makeup.

P.S. Don’t let the silly little things steal Your Happiness.