Like Finally! 

Actually I am pretty happy, ok… super stoked that Sephora Sg  finally are bringing in these brands. I was thrilled when they brought in Becca and now Kat Von D. Now wouldn’t it be just awesome if they brought in Anastasia Beverly Hills too?? Trust me it will be.  

This is such happiness for makeup lovers over here. We don’t have to order and get them shipped. I still remember I bought my first KVD liquid lipstick when I was in Sydney Sephora and how happy I was. That feeling when you get something you been wanting. Actually at that time I wanted Lolita but it was out of stock so I ended up buying another shade instead. 

So when Sephora(SG) online launched their KVD products, I did jump on to order them. Actually the only reason I rushed and placed an order was I so wanted to see KVD and I happen to chance upon on IG post by sephora sg and it stated that the first 100 Black card members who purchased KVD products and entered meetKVD at checkout could win a silver wristband and a chance to meet her. Wanting to see if I got a chance, I went online ordered a few stuff and went to checkout. Being firstly excited to purchase KVD products, I totally forgot why I actually rushed to purchase it and forgot to enter the code at checkout. Yes yes at that moment I wish I could smack myself then awhile later I realised thankfully I did not apply as the meet and greet session was happening when I was on night shift. Oh well.. 

So lets get on to what I purchased. I did not buy alot as I have already by then ordered a truck load of stuff which I will do a HauL on once I get a day off to snap the pics.. 

Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation

Can we please talk about that packaging!!! It is so damn beautiful. I love how it has that rose like designs which is on her liquid lipsticks too and that KVD in the centre just is sooo pretty! Well I love nice packaging! We should appreciate it! 

I have used this on the very next day itself. I was headed to Bintan for a vacation with my family and it was a No Wifi holiday, No Handphone, with just pool time, good food and good company. 

So It was a morning ferry, so I had put on this powder at about 6am in the morning. I did use primer as it is a Must for me, I had liquid foundation on and I set my entire face with the KVD powder and completed with a setting spray on. 

 By the time we reached Bintan, had check in procedures done and finally could check in to the villa was about 2 plus in the afternoon. It was already aprroximately 8 hours by then and my makeup was still on and I did No touchups. Even if I wanted to I could not as I purposely left it at home & brought another compact. I mean lets get real, its Brand New, I ain’t gonna risk breaking it. LoL. 

So by the time we settled down into our rooms and all was 3ish. The villa was beautiful and had a pool facing the sea and so we had to get in and we did. I did not remve my makeup, in fact I went into the pool with a full face makeup as I wanted to test if it is what it claims. 

The powder foundation claims to be: 

  • Full Coverage 
  • 24 hour wear
  • Transfer resistant
  • Matte finish
  • Fragance free
  • Oil free
  • For all skin types


Yes the pool and the view was too awesome to resist. So I had a swim for almost 2 hrs and honestly I was damn amazed, my foundation was very much intact. It did not wear off or smudge and the only area which was abit worn off was around my eyes but that was because I was using goggles. This foundation really blew me away. I am still testing it out but so far I am liking it. 

It is Full coverage, it is super matte, I was matte the entire time and it lasts long hours. 24hr or not I honestly don’t know but seriously who wears makeup that long? By the end of the day my skin will be begging me to remove all my makeup so my face can breathe.  I don’t know if it is for all skin types, I am more to an combination to oily skin and it kept me very matte. But I am not sure if people with more dry skin will enjoy such a matte foundation. 

Then I got 2 liquid lipsticks and got a free mini Tattoo liner. I will swatch the liquid lips in a seperate post. 

I did not really love the tattoo  liner as I do not find it black enough to my liking but will play around to see if my opinion changes. I will review the liquid lipsticks in a seperate post but for those who are wondering if it is any good, yes it is good. It is one of the best formulas in the market. There are cheaper alternatives but if you want to splurge and if wonder if it any good yes it is good and worth the try. 

Well that comes to the end of my post. You beauties have a good week ahead! 

My Name is Sarah & I love Makeup. 

P.S. You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.