We all have that one favourite brush or tool to keep our foundation looking flawless and it becomes a staple in our makeup routine. My staple is Sigma F80 and so far that has been my favourite.

Then there was this hype about the Artis Oval 7, this spoon-like brush which even my husband mocked at me when he saw the brush. That brush was not cheap. But being intrigued and watching my favourite youtubers rave about this, I just needed to know it this was worth the hype. Plus I have a thing for Beautiful looking brushes.

So I bought it. Mine was from the Elite Mirror Collection and I bought them from their Artis Site and they do have International Shipping. It costs USD $60 (excluding shipping, can’t remember shipping cost). This first pictire below does not look shiny as I edited it; my home was reflecting too clearly and this was taken when I first got this brush months ago. The recent pictures after first 2 pictures shows the true shine (used something else to take good pictures) and there were NO edits. They are really mirror like, so shiny and looks so classy.

Oval 7

18cm Long

Fibre bundle: 3x5cm

The bristles are very very soft. They are dense and the handle; once you get used to holding it, its actually easy. I used this a few times to put on my foundation and I fell in love instantly. It is extremely soft, it absorbs very minimal product unlike other brushes and beauty blender. So you don’t need as much pumps as you normally do. It gives a Flawless finish and no streaks or what so ever. It applies foundation like a dream and it is now officially my favourite foundation brush.

This brush has multiple uses, it is said to be able to  Apply

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Highlight
  • Skincare
  • Setting Powders

Now I only tried on applying foundation as typically I do not use one brush for everything when it comes to face makeup. I usually use my foundation brushes 2-4 times maximum before I wash them. Of course I spot clean before each use so I do not like mixing other products with a foundation brush. Plus, this was the Fastest I ever applied foundation.

I believe this could apply skincare which would save alot of product, blusher, bronzer and powders. I am not very sure about highlight though. It is stated in the site a “Perfect Size” brush and I also feel the same but personally I think It is too large for a highlight unless maybe if you angled it and use the sides of brush. End of the day, we all have different face sizes and we all have different ways and preferences to do our makeup. This is just my individual opinion and I give a huge thumbs up for this brush and I probably might get another 1/2 more some day.. Not now though.. I am going to be on a NO buy for 3 months to save that spare cash for a longer holiday I will be taking. 😎

Lastly the only downside to this brush is firstly the price point, as much as I think it is worth the money as you do save on products which means your products last longer. But is it necesary? If you have money yea go ahead and splurge but if you work on a budget you seriously do not have to spent that kind of money as there are many affordable brushes which apply makeup perfect too. Another downside is storing it is kind of tough. I put them facing up in my brush holder which has a small drawer. Not the way I like storing them but thats the best so far. Nevertheless I am IN LOVE with this brush. What are your favourite ride or die brushes?? Maybe I could try them too.

My Name is Sarah & I love Makeup.

P.S. The secret to beauty is Simple : Be Who You Are – Bobbi Brown.