Damn! I really need to keep posting regularly. Been gone too long.. Happening too often. Well lets get going! 

Do you beauties have certain makeup products you always buy more than of another?? I buy alot… Don’t judge. However I tend to buy more type of certain products than of another. Blush is one of the those I realise I don’t normally buy… Probably cuz it is not something as hyped and has many new releases from multiple brands like the liquid lipsticks, eye palette collabrations and highlighters… I only realised last December that I owned like 4 blushers which I frequently use only 2 of it all the time… I tend to be very very picky with the colour of blusher especially being a medium tan, I personally shy away from anything which may look light on me or anything I see specks of shimmer on even without trying them out but now I am more open and trying new stuff..Ok enough yacking and lets move on to my current Blush collection.. 

Illamasqua – Thrust
This is Thrust from Illamasqua. It looks very very pink but… It is a beautiful colour, you do have to be light handed and work your way to how bright you want it or use a big fat blush brush if your afraid you get too heavy handed. This is one of those I used ALL the time. 
Swatch of Thrust
Tarte – Blushing Bride
Swatch of Blushing Bride

This is the other one which I use frequently. Tarte in Blushing Bride. This is a more darker shade and even if you do get heavy handed it doesn’t look awful, it still looks beautiful on the skin. It does have a bit of shimmer though. 
Chanel – 270 Vibration
Swatch of 270

This is from Chanel. It is my very first Chanel Blusher and it was a gift for my birthday. I don’t always use this cuz it looks a bit too light on me personally so I tend to be very light handed or I like to mix them and that works much better on me. That brush though is seriously not necessary, it is abit powdery so be careful to tap excess off. 
Nars Mini Duo – Orgasma & Laguna
Above is the Nars Mini Duo in Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer. I picked it up while waiting to make payment at Sephora. Those aisles just make you spend more! Well I was hesitant to buy the regular size so when I saw That there was this mini version I bought it. The bronzer doesnt show up so much on my skin, just like a little golden effect, even the blush doesnt work for me on its own. But the blush is amazing as a Topper. I use this on top of my blushes and it is sooooo beautiful!!! It makes you look like you have a healthy glowy skin. Very pretty! 

Nyx Ombre Blush – 04 Mauve Me

This is Nyx Ombre Blush and this is one of those whereby you can use the 3 different shades on its own or use it all swirled together. I personally do not like this as a blush on its own but it works nicely as a topper too. I like the middle shade more than the lighter ones so I normally do not use them all together. Personally I do not Love it as a Blush but I am Sure others may like it on its own as the colours are beautiful but too shimmery for my liking. If the middle shade was on its own with no shimmer , that could be my next Favourite! 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush – Flame 4

This is Bobbi Brown blush in Flame 4 and this is my current obsession. This is also a gift and it is my first Bobbi Browm Blush. When I tried it on for the very first time, I was sold!! It is extremely beautiful!!! The shimmer is very minimal and the colour is buildable and it is extremely beautiful and pigmented. I reach for this every single time!! I have decided to get more Bobbi Brown blushers but well I always end up shopping other products instead. LoL. I am sure that day will come. What are your favourite blushers??  

I am Sarah & I love makeup. 

P.S. “You only get one Life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible” – Jojo Moyes, Me before You.