Today’s post is going to be slightly different. No I still have a ton load of makeup to review and post about but… Thought I come on and have a little chit chat type of blog. 

For those not intrested in this kind of post do skip this. 

How many of us get called names or worse, call ourself names? 

“I am Fat.” “God look at all the fat and layers on my body!” “I am So Ugly!!” “Why don’t I have the perfect body??!” “I look so damn disgusting!!” “No wonder no one looks at me anymore.” “What are they looking at??” “Look at her, she thinks she is so pretty but she is f***ing ugly” “So much makeup, must be to hide her ugly face!” “Woah you have gained so much weight” “She is so lazy to exercise” “You eat too much” “Lose the weight to get pregnant” “I hate my body and hate how I look” “You are Ugly!”. 

Every single day alot of women, including myself get commented on by others and sometime the worse enemy lies within us. If your small sized you get comments, if your big you get comments. If you eat you get comments, if you don’t you get comments. If you lost weight u get comments and if you gain weight you get comments.

I used to have a small sized body but after marriage I gained a lot of weight. From then till today, I get commented on alot. Some to my face and some stab my back. Some are my haters and some are my friends and family. Then there are days.. It is me. I realised.. that I am not alone. Alot of woman struggle with this issue no matter what age, size, religion, single or married. So many woman get ridiculed, commented and it makes them so self conscious and feel insecured that they worry about every single thing they do, fearing who would say what. 

I thought to myself.. Why must I feel that way. Why must people talk about me and be so crude towards me. I am a human and I get very angry, upset and I do breakdown sometimes when people say things which hurts. We all are human with emotions. But does it have to be that way?? Why should we feel or be made to feel this way. 

People will keep talking as long as they live. People will never stop being nasty. 

But, we can choose to learn to love ourself, we can learn to be happy with ourself and we can choose to hear only the good things. We can choose how we want to react and act. Easy to say you might say .. But you and I know, we all have that choice. 

Only we can change ourself and accept ourself. Only we can love ourself for what and who we are. It is ok if people dislike us and ridicule us.. Let them be.. I feel that this people have too much spare time to sit and discuss about people. Remember only those with small minds discuss people. We are more than that and we can be better. 

Lose that weight only if you want to do it for youself and not for others. Only if you think it is necessary for the sake of your health and not cause of people. Eat healthy only for  yourself and not because of others. Exercise only if you want to for the sake of good health. Whatever you want to do has to be for yourself and not because of others. Dress how you want to and be confident with how you look . Be confident with your body. You are beautiful in and out. Ever seen a person who does not have the perfect body but they look so damn good and attractive despite all that? I have and I admire their confidence.

Many women feel so upset and demoralised with the way they look. But we forget to realise.. There is someone out there who would give to be in our shoes and to look how we look. There are people out there who do not have food to eat, clothes to wear, who are dying due to terminal illness, people who lost their limbs, people who can no longer walk and talk, people who have no luxury or roof over their head. People who will give anything to be you and me. There are so many people who are suffering.. Here we are given the functioning body, food and clothes and “hello”.. internet to sit and scroll and yet be so displeased with ourselves. We get so affected by what people think and say about us… We have such a gifted life and we should be living it fully and not be sitting and crying and feeling upset over this. 

I am overweight. I do not have a perfect body. But you know what, I am beautiful. I Tell myself I am beautiful. I am a responsible person, I am loving towards my Family & people I love and care about. I am educated, I work hard for my money and I pay my own bills. I have grown up so much and I have my fair share of mistakes and scars in Life, but despite all this I know I have a good heart. People think I am so confident, I am so Bold, I am fearless and strong and some even think I am Pompous. But, People do not know that I am also Human and insecured, I cry and I have fears. But the one thing which keeps me going is I wipe my tears when I am done crying , I get up with head high like nothing matters. No I am not acting. It means I try again. We have our good and bad days but you do not stop trying. You do not stop loving yourself and you Do Not give up. 

Heck have you seen the Plus Size Models? They are more sexy looking than skinny ladies media potrays as perfect body. Have you seen how confident they look?? None of us are born perfect or small, there is a reason designers still cater beautiful clothing for plus size women. There is a reason plus size woman are on some magazine covers. And what makes you think being skinny and slim and beautiful makes you feel Happier? If You cannot love yourself now.. What makes you think you can love yourself after you lose 5/10/15 KG?. 

Beyonce Is not skinny, Kim Kardashian is not skinny. Adele is not skinny. Melissa McCarthy is not Skinny. These people are yet successful and people still love them. 

The thing is, nothing can change unless WE change. You can never be free from remarks and comments or Insecurities. But you can change how YOU and I feel about ourselves. Do not be ashamed of your body and accept it. Love yourself, encourage and empower other women and spread positivity. Looking good and beauty does not equate to smaller size. It all comes within. The day you choose to love yourself No matter what, is the day you truly free yourself from all this unnecessary pain. 

If you think that you are in this battle alone, let me tell you that many many women and men are in this same battle. There are people who are depressed and people who emotionally suffer because of this. This is a daily struggle. No One can change overnight.. But try. Make the effort to love yourself and things may just look alot better.. 

We can never satisfy others and ourselves. We can never stop people from talking. But we can choose to let people be and keep ourself happy. We can choose to love our body and spread the love. We can remind one another that we are enough. Surround yourself with people who love you genuinely instead of being around people who hurt you. Someone who love you does not make you insecured but instead motivates you and loves you despite it all. 

End of the day, when we all pass on, Nobody remembers your weight or body shape . Everyone remembers the kind of person you are and remembers how you made them feel. To sit and cry and be miserable or to be the happiest you can and love yourself and others, its all Your Choice. 

The number on the scale and the words of others does not define Beauty. It only defines them. Love yourself.

 I know I cannot change what everyone feels, but I just want you guys to know that your not alone, you deserve better and you can do better than this. I Love all you beautiful woman. 

I am Sarah & I love myself (&makeup). 

P.S. “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to Stand out?” – Ian Wallace