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May 2016

Mini HauL

Hello my beauties! Weekend is here! Enjoy it well! I got only a day off today and plan to spend it alone with my husband before I am back to work tomorrow. 

So what have I ordered online recently? 

Of cuz Makeup Geek. All swatches of these shadows and more are in my previous post. Do check that if you would like to see that. I wanted to try out Makeup Geek’s new Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencil so I got them in 3 shades. 

Well … I was hunting high and low for the RCMA no colour powder which everyone was raving about and it was Always out of stock! Finally I managed to get my hands on it at Beautylish and look at the beautiful packaging! I kept the wrapper btw lol. 

I also always wanted to try Ardency Inn liner and her shadows so I got one of her shadows in rosegold and the swatch is beautiful! Yet to try thought but I have a feeling I will love it. I suck at my winged liner and never seem to perfect it. It is always beautiful on one eye and not beautiful on the other. The struggle is real people. So time to start trying to wing it … Inglot is one of the best as told by many so as always I needed to try it. 

Lastly, Morphe. 

I just had to… The palettes were just too beautiful to pass on. 

I wanted to try their new concealer so I got them as well. 


Damn I love the swatches!! This babies arw beautiful!!! Will do a blog on them one of the days. But I did not swatch the 350 matte but I saw the swatches, as this baby has another owner. Someone I love owns that and I cant go swatching that. I probably get her to swatch and take pictures to show you guys. But the shimmer is Beautiful!! 

I also bought 2 brushes to try as well. 

Lastly I bought a load of stickers and planner stuff as well which I am not exactly sure If you guys will be intrested but I am definitely happy with how my Kikk.K planner turned out! Loving it! 

Bright and Bold! Love it! 

That comes to the end of haul but not to the end of my shopping. I seriously have a problem but I think all makeup addicts have the same problem. No, I don’t need this amount of makeup. I don’t. I just want it! Haha. Have a wonderful weekend ahead! I am Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them? – Clara Schumann 

Yes why not? Stop and look at all the beauty around you. 😊

BellaPosh Spinning Diamond Brush Holder 

I love collecting Makeup Brushes! Ok I love everything and anything to do with makeup. Anyway… As I was saying, I love collecting brushes. Now I don’t know how everyone stores their brushes in all those beautiful holders with no covers and yet be perfect to use because when I did that, mine just got dusty pretty quickly. Honestly where I stay, it gets dusty very fast. In the end I stored all my brushes in a huge Elizabeth Arden Box which I got with some purchases previously. I was always on the hunt for something which can store my brushes and yet has a cover. I keep alot of my eyebrushes in my sigma brush holder and the most of it in the box. So when I finally saw BellaPosh Diamond Spinning Brush Holder, I fell in Love! Now there were not any videos on Youtube and not many on Ig. But based on what I could find, I knew I will Love it.. So I ordered it from their site BellaPosh Organizers , and they ship Internationally and they carry a variety of makeup organizers but I never bought these before. They are not very cheap but I see it as an investment and I don’t mind paying for it. When I got it, I was in Love! They wrapped it all too well and reached me very safely with No damages. However it did take me awhile to sit and clean the wraps marks off and make them all shiny again. But I did It. The power of water and newspaper. 

Yes I was organizing my beauty products. 😊

The Base
The diamond Top

After cleaning it, I put in some beautiful stones which I previously had when I tried storing my brushes in thise beautiful vases and another plastic kind of gem which I used for crafting. Of course there is a paper fold heart which my husband made for me previously. The Holder has a base which spins and a top lid which has a diamond top. It has 2 drawers at the bottom on each side which is wonderful to keep beauty blenders or sponges or more brushes. I store my beauty blender and some used eyebrushes. It is split into three slots. One huge one n two half the size of the huge one. 

1st slot: Big

The 2 other slots

Honestly, I love the holder, I love my setup and my brushes are finally dust free! 

On My Vanity

So there… The Beautiful spinning brush holder. 

I am Sarah and I love MakeUp! 

P.S. Fall Seven times, stand Up Eight.(Japanese Proverb). Sometimes we try and try and try and we fail. Sometimes people put us down, criticize us instead of encouraging us. Sometimes it is very tough. But dont give up. Keep trying. Cuz no matter how many times we fall, we will eventually rise. 


MakeUp Geek EyeShadows & SwatcheS! 

Helloooo Gorgeous! Looking Good! Hope you been having a good week and if you aren’t, hang in there babe. Weekends are just around the corner! 

If you have read my blog previously, you guys would have known by now I love Makeup Geek!! Makeup Geek was founded by Marlena and she did an awesome job with her eyeshadows. Worth the money, awesome quality for the price and they were my very first baby I ventured out of makeup sold in shops & ordered from overseas. They are my first love. They are so blendable, soft, buttery and you can never go wrong with her shadows… I purchased these shadows from . They ship Internationally and they cost USD $6 per pan. Want to see what I own? Keep reading. 😊

My MUG Collection
(left to right) 1st Row: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Shimma Shimma, Cinderella. 2nd Row: Chickadee, CocoaBear, Bitten, Bada Bing, Mermaid, Razzleberry. 3rd Row: Neptune, Ocean Breeze, Sensous, Last dance, Stealth, Graphite.

Yes I know they look beat up, these are the very first few I bought. The blush on the right is Rendezvous. 

My Fav crease colour Cocoa Bear, perfect transition shade for this Indian Skin & I love Bitten too in the crease or outer V. 

(Left to Right) 1st Row : In the spotlight, Magic Act, Grandstand, Mesmerized, Showtime, FlameThrower, Untamed. 2nd Row: Whimsical, StarryEyed, Charmed, Fantasy,Jester, Houdini, Fortune Teller. 3rd Row: Day Dreamer, Caitlin Rose, Masquerade, HighWire, Pegasus, CentreStage.

These… are her foiled shadows and they are oh so beautiful and extremely pigmented too! You’ll see. 

Proof Enough? Too beautiful and pigmented! 

These were purchased during my Feb & March HauL. 

I bought Cocoa Bear for a back up as soon my first will hit pan. 

Last shadow is Boo Berry, just realised I missed it sorry)

Secret Garden and Havoc are soo pretty tooo!

Anarchy & Venom another of the pretty shades that are too yummy! 

Bumped that the shadow Hot Pants was broken

So there… 

My MakeupGeek Collection and the swatches. There is of course one more. MannyMua palette in collaboration with MuG. But that will be in another blog. Like I said, these are very beautiful shadows, extremely pigmented and there is a huge variety of colours to choose from. Suits every and anyone. No I am not hyping it up, do go research and check it out. You wont regret it. 

Enjoy your weekend, smile and have fun! I am Sarah & I love makeup. 

P.S. I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful (Quote Garden)

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