Hello !! 

How are you all doing? Weekend is coming soon and I cannot wait for the weekend to meet people I love and spend the day laughing out loud. 

 When I am too tired and busy from work I tend to stay home and rest. It has been awhile… in fact months since I entered Sephora, when I am actually the kind of person who enters Sephora every 1-2 weeks.. Which leaves me to Shop Online in the comfort of my home… Oh the Damage I do… But well when I recieve them I feel so so happy and energized and excited!! Dont you feel that way about new makeup?? Long post warning as I bought too much but this post is loaded with pictures.

Well I have been eyeing Manny Mua Palette for far too long and pre ordered it along with some other stuff I wanted. When they came in the mail , it was a very very exciting moment for me and literally danced around in happiness. Haha. Im weird that way but Who cares! 


I got Mail!
From MakeupGeek

Above is what I ordered from MakeupGeek amd yes it is more than necessary but well that is what Makeup Junkies do. Isn’t it a pretty sight!! Box full of makeup… ❤️
Bought some brushes. I love their soft dome brush for the crease so I always buy one or two everytime I make purchases with MUG. I always wanted to give the chiseled cheek brush a try and contour. 

I wanted to try the new MUG contour pans too and got 2 shades of them. 


Swatches of the contour pans. 

When you are a makeup geek fan you just end up buying things you may not even need. But well when I bought this, I planned to use them to bring my eyeshadows when I am going to travel or if I need to get ready out of Home. 


Manny Mua Palette
The reason I went online in the very first place. For this palette! I Love Manny Mua and of course when you know someone you love is collaborating with one of your favorite makeup brands, I just cannot miss out on it! Thank God for preorder!  

It is a beautiful palette and I tried to get the picture the best I could.. 

Swatches above ☝🏽 and they are so soft and buttery and very pigmented. Already in love with it. 

Last items from MUG. Some shadows I needed and repurchase of cocoa bear as Im hitting pan on it soon. Favorite crease colour. 

Will not be swatching the shadows as I know one day I will do a post just on MakeupGeek Shadows and I will do the swatches then. 

Well… So what else did I shop Online? Hmmm lets start with brushes. 


BH Brush Kit

I bought 2 but One is for my cousin. So anyways… I have watched many having this polka dot brush and cases long long ago and I wanted them as they looked too damn cute! I love Pink and how can I not own one.. I never ordered anything frm BH so I just went online to take a look at their site and these kits were not expensive, they were very affordable and I wanted to try them since I saw a lot of good reviews too.. So I ordered. I must say it is tough to open the cases which annoys me but the brush feels so so soft. 
This set comes with 10 brushes. 

I am still trying out the brushes but they feel extremely soft. I have to continue experimenting with them to see if they are worth the buy. 

Another brush I bought…. Was out of curiosity and damn it is expensive. 


Artis Oval 7
I have not tried it yet as its too too beautiful… Its dense and soft to touch and I hope this does not disappoint me. The most expensive brush I own 😭. 

Well next….. 

Before I reveal the content, I have to mention how I hate the packaging it came in. Firstly I could not track it for almost 2 weeks and then the box looked like it went through a lot plus i feel the items were not wrapped securely enough till I had one lipstick broken and one which looks like will break if I put pressure. I was extremely disappointed with how it was packaged and the box was not sturdy and not taped down properly too. Luckily I love GCC products. I am just being silent. 

I bought them during one of the day they were having a very good deal so I paid lesser than usual. 


  I blurred the lipstick covers due to the reflection seen. Guess which one is broken? Too upset about the broken one though. 

  Swatches ☝🏽️. (Right to Left) Sangria, Vintage Rose, Dragon Berry and French toast, Cher & Nude.   
Comes with 2 shades and a wax. 


GCC Highlighter in Audrey
I Love the packaging! Especially the fact that there is a plastic lid covering the highlighter. 

It swatched beautifully. Im still trying this out too but I love the colour pay off and it looks awesome so far. 

And Lastly… 

My first Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. I heard so many yourtubers rave about them and finally bought them. I have tried it and I love it! It does not make your lips feel extremely dried out like others. 

This kind of damage just keeps me happy! 

I love watching hauls and I hope you enjoyed mine! Till my next post, My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. The only person who is ugly, is the one that calls another person Ugly and looks down on them. Be nice. Doesn’t cost anyone a thing ryte??