Hello Sunshines!! 

Finally a New Post. It sucks to be working shifts and with the chaos at work I simply have no energy nor drive to do anything.. Enough with the rant and lets get going… 

Today, I am going to talk about some face masks… We all love makeup!! ( Seriously if you don’t, your on the wrong page babe ) As I was saying we all love makeup, but doesn’t it suck when you have those breakouts or small zits or exploding ones or just that texture of mini bumps which annoys the shit out of you?? I know I do. Some are blessed with beautiful porcelain skin while some are not.. So we definitely have to have a skin regime suited for our individual needs. If you do not have one, please do consider starting one, unless your one of those blessed with a perfect skin. 

The face is the first most important thing to care for when it comes to makeup. I have very sensitive skin and I breakout very easily especially if the product has alcohol in it. I have a combination skin, oily on my Tzone and little dry around the parameters of my face. My face is of uneven skin tone and I have good days where skin looks good and days where the zits decide to camp for a long while. So I have started a proper regime recently and we will see how that turns out but normally I use my Clarasonic with my face wash everyday. 

Clarasonic is honestly one of the best decision I made to add in to my daily routine. I have been using it for a good 2 years and if I religiously use it my skin is normally well behaved most of the days. Well I do have my lazy days but seriously with regular use its Awesome! 

Apart from your regime, these extra steps helps get our skin feeling better. One of them is Masks. I started using masks when I could not tolerate what was going on with my skin and since then I am sucked into the world of masks. 


Alright.. Like I said I became a sucker for masks.. Before you judge me, the Peter Thomas masks I bought as a set during Christmas so I definitely got a good deal with them. The GlamGlow though I bought them individually. So lets start with the Peter Thomas Masks. 

So this is how the set looks like. There are 5 different masks, all of 50mls/7 oz in a pack. I bought them during a Christmas sale so that I could try them to see if it is any good. I bought them at Sephora at a very good deal and well I thought I could at least try them before purchasing a full sized one (if I like any). Although these are smaller in size , there is a good amount of product and it can be used for months before they become empty. 

Lets start with this 2 masks. 

Cucumber Gel Mask

Cucumber Gel Mask – Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator

It is a very jelly like texture and has a faint smell of cucumber which is nice. 

Its said to be refreshing, cooling, moisturizing, calming gel, soothe, hydrate and detoxify dry irritated skin with botanical extracts. 

(Extracts of cucumber, papaya, chamomile,pineapple,sugar,maple, sugarcane, orange, lemon, bilberry& aloe).

-Apply generously on dry face n leave on for 10 minutes then wash off. Can apply cool. 

– use 2-3 times a week or daily

My verdict: It is cooling especially if you refigerate it and use it which is more cooling and it is a very nice feeling on the skin. It does calm irritated skin. I honestly do not feel it detoxify my face or moisturize it much but it definitely soothe my skin after I did something to irritate my skin which I will blog on it some day. Another story for another day. 


Rose Stem Cell Gel
Rose Stem Cell – Bio Repair Gel Mask 

The same jelly like texture as the cucumber gel mask, it has a scent of rose which some may like and some not. For me that  does not really disturb me. 

It is a Anti age repair using rose stem cells and rose extracts. Claims that after use you will have younger looking skin , reduce look of fine lines & wrinkles. 

-Regenerates, rejuvenates, hydrates, brightens, firms & tones. 

-Apply on dry skin n leave on for 10 mins and wash with cool water. Can Apply cool 

-Use 2-3 times a week or daily. 

My verdict: I do not feel that I look younger but it does give my face a fresk kind of feeling and look, it reduces the apperance of lines slightly but probably because it hydrates your skin which makes it plump thus reducing the appearance of lines. It does make your skin a bit brighter but I do not feel it firms, tones or regenerates anythings. To me, it is just a mask which is cooling (refrigerated), hydrating and makes you feel and look fresh. Thats it. Nothing really that Wowed me. 

Irish Moor Mud Mask

Irish Moor Mud – Purifying Black Mask

It is black, sticky and yucky feeling and not very easy to apply in my opinion. 

It claims to 

– purify and refine look of skin, 

– decongesting and hydrating mask

-draws out dirt, oil & impurities

-minimize look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, leave skin looking pure , fresh, hydrated and radiant. 

The 2 main ingredients are Hijiki seaweed which hydrates & Volcanic ash that revitalizes.
-Apply evenly on dry skin and use damp cloth to remove after 10mins and rinse thoroughly. 
– Use 2-3times a week. 

My Verdict: Honestly, applying a mask should not be so troublesome aka Lecheh(Singlish). Each time I apply its extremely difficult to get an even application as it is too gooey and sticky that it moves instead of staying put. Removing it is also another hassel. I cant tell if it draws out any dirt or oil cuz its all just black and sticky, how do I even justify it did or did not?? It does make my face feel clean like how you normally feel after washing your face, fresh, hydrated and bit brighter and thats all. 

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer 

It has an over powering scent of pumpkin, has tiny granules which helps with exfoliating.

It claims to be 3-in-1 Intensive skin resurfacer treatment:

1:Exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme

2:Peels with alpha hydroxy acid

3:Polishes with aluminium oxide

-for smoother, younger looking , radiant and revitalized skin
– highly effective exfoliating treatment fr dull, aging and congested complexion

-Apply thin layer to skin, gently massage in circular motions with wet finger tips and leave on 3-7 mins. 
-Use 1-2 times per week. 
My Verdict: My favorite mask in comparison with the 5 masks. This really exfoliates your skin but do not scrub too hard or your face is going to hurt. After this mask your face definitely feels extremely smooth, looks brighter and radiant, less dull ( I have dull skin btw) and just makes you look awesome! I truly enjoyed this mask the most but that pumpkin smell is something you just got to endure though lol. 

24K Gold Mask
24K Gold Mask – Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask

Its Gold duh, and has some flecks of shimmer. 

It claims to:

-lift & firms

-imparts an opulent glow

-reenergizes look of skin 

-caffeeine helps tighten the appearance of skin 

– lifts, firms, brightens, smoothe, refreshes
-Apply to clean skin, 5-10 mins and rinse thoroughly with warm water .

-Use 2-3 times a week. 
My Verdict: I do not see any lifting but it does make your skin feels firm, more tightened, it does make your skin look radiant and glowy but it does leave some gold flecks of shimmer on your face even after a good wash. Nothing re-enenergizing. It just makes you look like JLo all golden and radiant lol. 

So thats the end of my Peter Thomas Masks. In all this 5, its truly up to you what you want to get as it depends on what your skin needs. But that Pumpkin Mask is definitely something I love and would reach for again and again. 

Having said that, I like to touch on my Favourite Mask from GlamGlow. It was the very first mask I ever used and that got me sucked into the whole mask game. Promise, this post is ending very soon. 

 Alright the first mask I want to and must talk about is the one in the white jar, SuperMud. 
GlamGlow SuperMud : Clearing Treatment 

– Target, Prevent & heal problem skin 

– To fight common skin concerns including, breakouts, discolouration, black and white heads , razor bumps, in grown hair , 

– draws our dirt & congestion 

– brightens and softens skin 

-Apply a thin layer to skin and leave on for 10/15/20 mins. Also can be used as a spot treatment. 
-Use 2 or 3 times a week. 

My Verdict: I Love this mask! Usually I do 15mins of the mask. This mask sucks out all the oil from within and you literally can see the mask change colour especially at your oily areas. Your face looks and feels extremely clean, tight, brighter, skin feels baby soft!! Ingrown hair, I yet to notice if it does anything as I did not have that issue previously but now sadly I do a little and that is slowly clearing up with the help of the pumpkin exfoliator. You can also use this as a spot treatment too! Amazing stuff and I swear by this ! 

 The second one is the one in green jar. 

Glam Glow Power Mud- Dual Cleanse

It is a mud to oil deep cleansing treatment which removes buildup of dirt, oil and makeup.  Claims to have super clean skin. 

– Apply an even thin layer to clean dry skin, leave on for 5-10 minutes. Use water and rub in circular motion to transform into an oil treatment. 

-Use 1 or 2 times a week. 

My Verdict: It cleans your skin but not some amazing cleansing system and leaves you still hydrated because of the oil. Not really worth the money. 

I have also previously owned the GlamGlow YouthMud in the black jar but I have thrown it out as I did not love it and I still prefer my Supermud. The YouthMud I feel is overhyped, it just makes your skin look brighter and more radiant which I still can achieve with my Supermud. Probably those of you who are not oily or do not have problematic skin might enjoy the YouthMud better as the SuperMud may dry you out if your Dry to Normal skin. 

Have I mentioned I love the GlamGlow packaging. I bought this mask at the same time I bought the Peter Thomas Masks. I have not put it to the test but I am actually excited to see if this truly works. 

GlamGlow Flashmud : Brightening Treatment

– Create Brightest, lightest & luminous Skin
-Men & women

-Use 3 days in a row and 2-3 times a week

– Use High-SpF Sunscreen daily to maintain results 

-Apply to dry face in circular motions to pre exfoliate, Leave on for a minimum of 20mins

– Product will turn Semi Transparent as Ingredients absorb & Wash Off 

Nothing to comment as of now as I have yet to try it. If i love it, it will definitely pop up mentioned somewhere in a future blogpost. 

Damn I missed Blogging. Well thats the end of my post , until my next post.. My Name is Sarah & I Love Makeup! 

P.s. When Women support each other, Incredible things happen. Be Kind ladies!