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February 2016

ColourPoP Shadows

Hello Gorgeous!! 

Been too long a time.. My sincere Apologies for not doing a post for quite awhile. Work has drained me of whatever energy and motivation I could have left. Have been on annual leave this past few days and went for a short trip nearby so I am all recharged to get going again. Since I have been on a ColourPoP roll, I figured lets just do the review on the shadows first. If you have read my blog previously you would know by now that I am a fan and love colourpop!! 

ColourPoP is a cruelty free brand from LA which provides affordable yet high quality products. Their shadows are the bomb! They are called Super Shock Shadows btw. The shadows cost USD$5, very affordable. You can order them online at and please note they do not ship worldwide. 

Their shadows are super creamy, extremely pigmented and soft. They blend put beautifully. They have a play dough-like texture when you touch them, its just different from your normal shadows and there is no other like them. They are best applied with your fingers or synthetic brushes. 

They come in small white container with a screw on lid. They are light and easy to carry around. 

Important Note: 

**They must be shut close tightly everytime after use or they will dry out.** 

-Never had this problem so far. Just remember to close them. 

Lets get to the Swatches shall we! 


My ColourPop Collection
Stored in my Muji Drawer
3, So Quiche, Central Perk
Envy & Bae
Shop, Animal, Erotic
Ibiza, Empire, Krinkle


Dare, Fantasy, Leopard, Lace
Taco, Too Shy, Coconut, Etiquette, Effect
Bubbly, Slave2Pink, Sugar, Snap Dragon, Stereo, Dance Party.

The Last one is a Quad that ColourPoP collabrated with a YouTube Beauty Guru CoffeeBreak with Dani. Its called the “Metamorphosis” by CoffeeBreak with Dani. 

Later on you will see the shades Hope & Kindness. They are the Transformer shadows. What this 2 shades does is that if you apply them overtop any eye shadow base / sticks or even cream shadows and they change the colour of it. They change according to the base of the colour. I kid you not, they are Beauuutiiifulll… 


Strength, Bravery, Kindness, Hope
Above is the Too Faced Bullet Proof Shadow stick which can be used as Base or shadow itself. Below I will attach a picture of the outcome after applying the transformer shadows. There are 2 different pictures as I was trying to get them at different lightings so you can see the outcome better. 

I love what these Transformer shades do. I love the colourpop eyeshadows. I have no complains about them except that they have a powerful stain power so when you remove them some of the shades do leave a stain so you do take a longer time than usual removing them. Other than that I have nothing but positive comments!

 Have you used them? Which shades do you loves?? 

Till my next review, have a Glamorous week ahead!! My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

P.S. There is No cosmetics for Beauty like Happiness – Maria Mitchell. ❤️

Finally its Online! 

Hey You Good Looking! How have you been? Hope all of you had a awesome weekend! I just got back from a very short getaway with the family and with No wifi. To relax and just to get away from all that stress from work. No one sending texts and no access to any social media. With the phone being silent with No disturbances and with only the noises of us talking and laughing. Got back late last night and finally got around to checking my emails after a massive laundry and cleaning session. I was extremely excited when I got this mail! 

Apart from shipping over my makeup from overseas, I buy my Makeup from Sephora stores in Singapore, Luxola & Shopping District. I always felt that Singapore should have Sephora online too so that I can shop in the comfort of my home but sadly they did not and FINALLY Luxola has officially become!! I cannot explain how happy I just got! 

  Although they do not carry every brand that Sephora US carries, they still do carry a good variety and some which are not available in Stores . Being a Black Card member, I could also use my discounts when I purchase items which are not available in stores. Its definitely a win win situation. The only downside would be they no longer ship to other countries and some do mention that they preferred Luxola because of the sales they have. Everything has it’s plus and minus. Dear Luxola, Thank You so much for becoming Sephora.SG now. You have no idea how excited and happy I am. 

I hated the customer service from the online Sephora US site as they never replied to emails and even when I made a call regarding a order I was making, the person on the other line was extremely rude. I do not intend to bash the customer service they had but seriously I am a person who will walk out the store or not purchase what I want to if I got bad customer service. So I just emptied my cart and did not purchase from them and bought what I wanted at Nordstroms and individually at other sites instead. I love Sephora but I truly cannot accept being talked to rudely especially when I am polite. 

I have been a customer of Luxola for a few years now & I love their customer service and prompt services and delivery so Yes I am happy! Hope they ship in more brands which will save makeup lovers the hassle of shipping. Sephora is my candyland. Going online has just made things much more easier for me! My name is Sarah & I love Makeup! 

Ps: A smile is an inexpensive way to change yor looks. – Charles Gordy 

Smile and battle through the busy week ahead! 

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