Hello You! My apologies for this late post. 

Sooooooo… When your makeup collection grows and you need to maximise the space, it is high time to be more organized. I never really had a proper organized setting.. They were more set in a way which works for me but of course when I accumulate more makeup I need a more organized space. I totally forgot to take the before pictures as I cleared them out and started organizing them and by the time I realised… Too late. The mess cannot be undone. 

My dresser is from Ikea, yes yes like every other makeup lover, I too use the Alexis drawer. They are made up of 2 sets of Alexis 6 drawers with the table and a glass (customized order) on top. Fixed up by my Husband upon my request.. Boy do I love my dresser! 

So previously I used to have all my Face makeup which are my foundations liquid and powder, primers, setting powder, blushes etc in one drawer but they started getting very cluttered as I had more to add in to that drawer. Then I had one drawer for all my lipsticks and glosses but the organizer I previously bought from Ikea was not working for me as it is too Huge and taking up an entire drawer. The drawers were just a hot mess. So I had to start getting them more organized. I went many shops and gave up looking for them and decided to purchase them online. So I went on to Amazon and shopped for what seemed like could work for me. They finally came after some time and let me show you what I got. 

6 piece drawer organizer set

 I got one of this 6 piece set drawer organizer for my first drawer. They can be seperated and used and placed however you want but for now I use this exact set up to see if this works for me before deciding if I should reorganize. 

Acrylic Lipgloss holder
Fits 24 lipglosses

I got this and the other oganizers which I will show shortly from the brand ByAlegory. Ok honest opinion, I AM IN LOVE with these organizers!!! They are what I have been looking for. Acrylic organizer, sturdy, good quality ,compact enough and they come in colours! Officially love this brand and definitely going to order more in future. They hold my lipglosses like a dream and are seriously a good quality. When the minute I unboxed them, I was impressed!

Acrylic Lipstick Holder
Holds up to 24 Lipsticks
Again like I said earlier, good quality and sturdy and fits alot of different types of lipsticks. 


Acrylic compact organizer
Fits 8 compacts at a time
They fit most compacts except Mac round foundation compacts and those oversized compacts or blushes. I currently am using 1 and got an extra for backup as I know I am going to get good use out of them. Arn’t they just beautiful??!

Fyi I did get another set of organizer , but that I will review and post seperately as I yet to organize them . 


My Lippie drawer (they do not include my colourpop which are kept in my MuJi). As you can see they fit most lipsticks and glosses. 

In these, I keep my 2 compact foundations, blushes and 1 highlighter. 

My Urban Decay & Tarte powder foundations can’t fit in though so they are just stashed wherever there is space. 


They fit nicely in the Alexis drawer with a bit of space at the side.   


  These are a more organized mess. LoL. I keep my Liquid Foundations, Face and Eye Primers, liquid highlighters, small setting powders, concealers and some other stuff. 

So this is just part of what I reorganized. I also reorganized all my palettes and currently althought I am not used to the current layout as I have moved things around, it is more organized and I was able to fit in all my new makeup after making space. 

Before I end this post. Remember how I mentioned I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday… I bought some stuff but I only spent half of the amount and paid for the rest. I like to spend gift cards only on things I know which I really really want or love. 


Makeup Eraser

Finally Sephora Sg sells them and of course I got excited and bought one. Yet to try it out to find out if it really does works. Hope I do not get disappointed. 

Beauty Blender

This was one of the main things I had to replace as it is time. Love the clarasonic brush! 


Urband Decay Concealer

Yet to try this out but when I swatched it, looks like I might love it . 

  I own the mattifying primer and been wanting to try this smoothing primer. Lets see if I love this more than Benefit’s primer. 

 Lastly I wanted to try the Boscia Kojac sponge. 

Oh and one more thing I got from Amazon. Something I had been eyeing on for too long… 



Led lighted mirror
Been wanting this for the longest time. Finally I have it and Im very very excited to have bought this . 

Well we have come to an end of this post. Hope You enjoyed it. Till next time.. My name is Sarah & I love Makeup. 

P.S. No point trying to look beautiful if you have an Ugly heart. Be beautiful from within otherwise No amount of makeup can disguise that Ugly heart. Be nice.