The woes of graveyard shifts. I dread night shifts. Really wished I could escape working shifts at times. There are pros and cons but I am at that age where Night shifts are just too tiring. When you hit your 30s, your body just does not cooperate like it used to anymore!  Does anyone else feel that way?? Damn I miss my 20s. Oh well , Life of a Nurse. Yes, I am a Nurse ✌🏼️. So all this rotating shifts especially nights, add on to my already existing eye circles making me look like a Panda. Which is why concealing my eye circles are very very important to me, at least when I wear makeup. I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, not to work. So I am in the glory of my true self, eye bags and dark under eye circles and all. Yes yes.. I keep it very real. 

So, a few of of my friends and family have asked me how I conceal my eyes and because I am on Night shift, I decided to do a quick post on concealing. 

I always, always suggest colour correcting first. I have tried just concealer, I have tried not concealing and just solely putting foundation to cover them up. But for me, nothings works best or looks the best unless I colour correct first. I swear by it. Firstly, always use a moisturizing eye cream and allow it to absorb before moving on to the next step. Sometimes I do skip this when I am in a rush but I find that this helps. By moisturizing, I find that the fine lines area under that eye are a little more plump and less dry.

Next I colour correct. This, I was taught by the Mac counter girl when I wanted to buy a concealer for the very first time in my life and she told me to colour correct first as my under eyes are very dark. Till this day I only used Mac’s Prep & Prime in Peach Lustre to colour correct first. 

Mac Prep & Prime in Peach Lustre
Turn the wand to expel the product, now do it slowly to avoid wasting product
Swatch of it
So there, above is the swatch of it and it looks very orange and scary but trust me this helps. It is basically using the colour wheel. You neautralize blue with orange shadesand red with green shades. Worked well for me and some friends whom I have tried putting on makeup for. 

I dot this at the extremities of the dark circles and I tap in with my fingers. I feel that I really can work the product when I tap in. This is all trial and error. I tried a few times until I learnt how much was enough for me. So of course I tell you the same. To trial n error, to learn whats enough and how much is enough for your under eye.
Then I go in with concealer and by far..again..I prefer Mac’s concealer (sorry, just have not loved any other yet). No not prolong wear. I do own that but I dont love it that much. As much as I love that it comes with a pump, it pumps too much product then necessary and does not seem to look wonderful on me after applied. Or maybe I am doing something wrong, not too sure. Got to continue experimenting.  

Mac concealers
love Hate relationship with Prolong wear

My Current Go to Concealer
Tarte Maracuja – Heavy Duty
  Ok so above is the current Mac concealer I am using currently. After I colour correct, I apply concealer of desired amount. I either tap in if I am lazy to use a brush or use a beauty blender. If I do use a brush, I don’t like using a concealer brush. Instead I prefer using a Flat Foundation brush just for concealer and boy do I love the outcome. 

The Tarte maracuja concealer is very very heavy duty, a little goes a long way and you have to really take time to blend it out to get it perfect. Again not something I love, so I only use that when I have alot of time to get it perfect. I have yet to try other brand concealers but with concealers I am always picky and worry that I may not love them and they end up being lonely in my makeup drawers. I definitely need to branch out and try new stuff when it comes to concealers. 


Latest addition

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer

Recently I did some shopping before my
birthday, to gift myself loads of makeup and this was one of them that I purchased. Hmm maybe I should do a Haul?? Anyways, I have not got the chance to try it yet and I cant wait to try it. I heard so many good reviews about Nars concealer and I hope I got my shade right. We shall see if this replaces my current concealer. What are the best concealers you have tried? Do share. 😊. 

I am extremely sleepy and I still have one last night of night duty tonight. Do forgive me if there are typo errors as I am literally nodding off soon. Nevertheless despite all said, sleep is still very important, so do get enough sleep ok. Hope this post was useful to you. Have a awesome weekend ahead! My name is Sarah & I love makeup. 

P.S. Open your eyes and look around. Beauty is all around you, you just have to look. That. Or look into a mirror cause you are simply beautiful. ❤️