Hello Gorgeous,

Colourpop!! One my very favourite brands, never fail to get me excited over their products again and again! Might I add I do have quite a bunch of favourite brands but this brand is one of my Top 3. When these liquid lipsticks were launched, I got super excited and could not wait to get my hands on them. These, again… are available in US and they Do Not ship worldwide but they are available on some online makeup stores like Shopping District & Makeup Bag. I do get mine sent to my PO Box address and have them shipped over but please note that I order a bunch of stuff and ship them at one go which does saves me money. I do them only twice a year cause lets get real we all have bills to pay. You definitely can order from online retailers based in Singapore and save the hassle of shipping. These retail at USD $6 each and the price points on their products are extremely affordable and yet of good quality. 

My ColourPoP Stash


ColourPoP Shadows

My ColourPoP Stash(some other brands in the drawer)

I do not own all the colours of the Ultra Matte Lippies. These are some that I own. 

My Ultra Matte Lip collection

The variety of colours are just an eye candy and makes you want to own them all. Moving on to swatches.. 

(From Left to Right: Drive-In, Lychee, Zipper, Chilly Chilly, Tulle, See saw, Buds, Sundae, Highball, Mars, Scrooge, Creeper, More Better)

These babies dry down very matte and can make the lips feel a tad too dry. The newer formulas of the latest additions take a much longer time to dry matte though. The colour pay off is awesome except for some of the colours (See Saw, Buds, Sundae, Highball & Mars) . They do swatch a bit patchy. With See saw, Buds & Sundae, I do have a tougher time getting an all even application. The rest do apply beautifully with good colour payoff. My favourite 5 are Tulle, Creeper, More Better, Scrooge & Lychee. These shades I just love more than the rest. The colours are just too Yummy!! 

The 2 things I dislike about some of them are: 

1:Some of the shades tend to flake off after awhile and especially after some drinks. So I do suggest a lip primer and lining ur lips so the lips do not look all bare after it flakes off. 

2: It is a pain to remove them. I kid you not. Although some do flake they do not budge easily nor remove easily. They have a good stain power which is why I always end up having to use more effort then normal to remove them.

*Most liquid lipsticks are tough to remove as they are meant to last longer than a lipstick would. So if your not a fan of having stains on your lips then this may not be to your liking. 

*Small tip for those with dry lips, Do scrub your lips and put on some lip balm way before any liquid lipstick application. Do remove the residue of lip balm before application as I find it affects the time taken to dry matte too. (My lips are always dry) 

Overall, I love my ColourPoP products. Very good variety and quality at affordable prices and cruelty free! Till my next review (which will be a few days later due to work), have a great week ahead. I am Sarah & I love Makeup. 

Ps: Real Beauty lies not in the appearance but in the heart – Gift of Love. Stay Beautiful!