Does anyone else feel that 2015 has come and gone too fast?? Christmas & my Birthday has come and gone too fast.. Over the past few years, friends and families tend to gift me makeup but this year was different, many did not as they feel I have too much makeup and they do not know what I own and what I dont. LoL. Of course I have that one friend who did gift me makeup and got me all excited , but that is a post to share another day. The other only person who bought me makeup was my brother. Let me add, he knows nuts about makeup but he did unknowingly end up getting me something I never owned or tried before. 

Ps: He thought he was getting me Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow palette as that is one of my favourites. But it wasn’t.

The Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup line. 


Makeup Geek palette
Selfie palette + free primer

This 2 palettes came as a pair and my brother ordered them from Zalora, priced at SGD 40. 

Can we talk about that packaging.. I am in love with the packaging and they have that colour changing effect on the palette when you tilt then forward and back.. Always a sucker for packaging. Before I go on to swatches, do note that the makeup geek palette (1st picture) is Not the palette from makeup geek which is another makeup brand (I love by the way). This is just the name of this palette by Makeup Revolution. 


Selfie Palette
Selfie palette 1st 5 swatches
Selfie Palette next 5 swatches

Makeup Geek Palette

Swatches of Random Shades

All the Shimmer ones swatched very nice and smooth and I am definitely loving most of the pigmentation. Some of the matte shades in the makeup geek palette though are abit choppy and I did had to swatch over 2 times for the colour to show up proper and the formula on the matte shades do not come off as wonderful as I thought it would. But the shimmery ones were all swatched once and are very pigmented. Definitely love the variety of colours on the palette, a good buy for someone who loves their shimmery shadows and like having a variety without having to buy different palettes. I do feel however both palette does lack transition shades which could have made them perfect palettes but other than that they are nice palettes, pigmented with variety of shades and the selfie palette is extremly portable and tiny which still allows you to create a decent eye look.  

Lastly this is a drugstore brand which is definitely much much cheaper overseas compared to what my brother paid for. If you do go to US or live there you could get the Makeup Revolutionary palettes at very affordable prices and they have dupes of palettes which replicate higher end brands such as Urban Decay’s Naked palettes and Too faced palettes.. Colours being pretty much similar. End of the day it is individual call if it is worth or not. I like this palette but I must try them out to see if they last through the day.  Till my next review .. I am Sarah & I love Makeup. 

Ps: You are beautiful no matter what colour or size you are. 😊