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Tatcha : The Silk Canvas Primer review…

Hello You! It has been 2 years since I posted anything. I cannot believe I left my site dead for a good long while. So time to make a come back and chat a little about the base of every... Continue Reading →

Ofra & her Liquid Lippies

Hello You!  While we are still hot on that liquid lipstick topic.. This is another brand which I love too!  Ofra has an amazing collection and wide range of liquid lipsticks. Ofra Cosmectics are made in South Florida and they... Continue Reading →

Flash that Highlight! 

This year is a year whereby many Youtubers collaborated with many makeup brands and created awesome products. Everytime a youtuber I love does a collaboration with another brand I always cannot wait to get my hands on them. And I... Continue Reading →

J * ⭐️ – Liquid Lippies

Hello you!  Before I start rambling off, If you hate Jeffree star don't continue reading this as today's post is on his liquid lipsticks. I do not want to have negative comments or haters here. This is a happy place... Continue Reading →

Kat Von D Finally In Sephora SG

Like Finally!  Actually I am pretty happy, ok... super stoked that Sephora Sg  finally are bringing in these brands. I was thrilled when they brought in Becca and now Kat Von D. Now wouldn't it be just awesome if they... Continue Reading →

Artis Oval 7 – Worth the Hype? 

We all have that one favourite brush or tool to keep our foundation looking flawless and it becomes a staple in our makeup routine. My staple is Sigma F80 and so far that has been my favourite. Then there was... Continue Reading →

Chi Chi 

Hello Makeup Lovers!  Last year I went on a Anniversary trip with my Hubby to Australia. The beautiful Aussie. We went to Sydney and then after a few days we drove down to Melbourne. It was an extremely wonderful experience... Continue Reading →

Ugly. Fat. Disgusting. Stop it. 

Today's post is going to be slightly different. No I still have a ton load of makeup to review and post about but... Thought I come on and have a little chit chat type of blog.  For those not intrested... Continue Reading →

You Blushing?? 

Damn! I really need to keep posting regularly. Been gone too long.. Happening too often. Well lets get going!  Do you beauties have certain makeup products you always buy more than of another?? I buy alot... Don't judge. However I... Continue Reading →

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